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Deployment Guide

1. Extract the files included in the ZIP file ProtocolsFiles.ZIP into folder on the SharePoint Server. For example, C:\ ProtocolsFiles\

2. Open a Command Prompt, and navigate to the folder containing the extracted files.

3. If you do not have the latest version of Lookup field with Picker 2010 installed on your server, then run the script DeployLookupWithPicker with the URL of your site as a parameter:

Further details for this control can be found on CodePlex at

4. To install the Protocols document libraries, and then workflows run the script DeployProtocols:

5. Activate the two new features that are now available:

a. Site Collection feature (creates all lists and libraries)

b. Site feature (incoming and outgoing workflows)

6. Once the features are activated you should then see the new document libraries and lists available on the navigation menu.

It is recommended that you organize the library and list options as shown below:

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